The last update of RSG is online. Now you can see the corneal SIA by one of the custom factors or by the combination of both. In these cases you will not see one point per eye, instead you get an arrow going from the centroid pre-op to the centroid post-op for each factor. You get also the number of eyes that were used to calculate the centroids and the SIA for each factor.




I want to remember that the recommended screen resolution to use RSG is 1650x1050 or above.

I have been updating some calculators, here are the links:

  • Prisms: calculate the magnitude and angle resultant of two prisms, useful to know the orientation and magnitude of a fresnel prism in glasses. 



  •  Optotypes: Calibrate your optotypes or see what is the visual acuity if you change the intended distance of the test.


sia calculator

  • Glaucoma guide: Based on the flow charts of the European Glaucoma Society 2nd edition.

glaucoma guide


  • And of course RSG, much more than a calculator, the best tool to monitor your refractive surgery outcomes.



The last update of RSG has added a button at the Upload data tab to download an excel template with the headers to get you started. Also the documentation has been updated.