The last update for RSG is online. The performance has been greatly improved specially for larger datasets (10.000 to 100.000 eyes). This is also needed for future updates.




Dutch ophthalmologists can download their own data as an excel file from the cataract registration website of the NOG since a few days ago. I have added support to upload easily this excel to RSG:


  • Click the Download eigen data button.


  • Open the excel file in Excel, LibreOffice or your favourite spreadsheet program.
  • Save it, you don't have to change anything but otherwise it will not upload to RSG.
  • In RSG, check the Cataract register NOG excel file field.


  • Upload your excel file.

The two last columns are for OD/OS and peroperative complications and the visus scale is decimal and calculated from the logMAR values of the original excel

The last update for RSG in online. I have added the safety and efficacy index, you can find them in Standard graphics for reporting outcomes -> Visual acuities at the bottom right.