RSG35The last update for RSG is online. You can now find single angle polar diagrams for the astigmatism under the tab Standard graphs for reporting outcomes -> Astigmatism - Polar graphics. These graphics are suggested for further reporting of astigmatism outcomes by Reinstein, Archer and Bradley Randleman.

The other change is that the correction index was the arithmetic index of all the correction indexes, as was stated in the documentation. This has been changed to the geometric mean, this is to enable nomogram adjustments of future astigmatism treatments as intended by Alpins.


The last update for RSG is online. It is now possible in the astigmatism tab to choose the sign for representation of the double angle plots, SIA and centroid values, positive or negative. You can choose it for both, corneal and refractive astigmatism.




The last update for RSG is online. Now you can upload the cataract or refractive excel file exported from the dutch NOG quality register from a select box I have added:




The Normal file type is just the excel made as shown in the demo dataset. With this new update there is now the possibility to add files (not only excel) from other organizations in the future. If you are interested in having a specific file added for easy import to RSG, let me know.