The last update for RSG is online. In the Standard graphs  -> Astigmatism tab, you can now get the mean correction index, and the mean index of success for the astigmatism corrections. The correction index indicates if we over or undercorrect in magnitude but doesn't tell if we are treating the right direction, the angle of error indicates if we treat at the right direction, the index of success is a relative measure of success related to the amount of targeted astigmatism and ideally would be 0.


The success of the astigmatism surgery in percentage indicates how well we are doing taking into account the magnitude and the axis:

100% success will mean that all astigmatisms are on target in magnitude and axis, if we want no astigmatism postop then all the eyes will have no astigmatism post-op

0% success will mean, in the case we want no astigmatism postop, that the residual astigmatism is equal or larger in magnitude than the initial astigmatism.

To try the demo click here.