RSG18There is a new update out for RSG.

In the astigmatism tab when you choose the preop cilinder range you can see how many eyes are shown. Also I added a new widget that tells you the mean surgical induced astigmatism for all the eyes (not just the selected).

Now, if in the excel you upload, you put as cilinder and axis preop and postop the K difference with the axis of the flattest meridian (the corneal astigmatism with negative cilinder) instead of the refractive, you can see the corneal astigmatism you are inducing.

I want to thank Cesar Albarran for verifying this with me.

Also a minor bug that made some graphics not to be shown when in the excel all the cilinder preop values where the same has been solved.

You can test it in the demo website here. If you want to upload an excel with up to 100.000 eyes you can get an account for RSGpro here.