A while ago I made a couple of posts about the amount of several refractive surgery terms found in the title or abstract of papers found in PubMed to have an idea where was going most of the research effort and the evolution over time of them. The articles are this one and this one. This time I will do the same but with wikipedia pages which could be seen as an indicator of the general public interest.

The first one shows the number of visits per day to different wikipedia pages about several terms related with refractive surgery since 2008, it's only for the english version pages:




We can see that since around mid 2012 there is interest in multifocal IOLs and phakic IOLs but take into account the Y axis, for the multifocal IOLs goes up to 30 visits, for the phakic IOLs up to almos 150 visits, for other terms this axis goes up to several thousands of visits per day. There are four terms though with some outliers, IntraLasik, Lasik, PRK and refractive surgery. I'll have a closer look at them to see if we can see any trend. For Lasik there is an outlier going up to 300.000 +, lets have a look when we rearrange the Y axis just up to 5.000:




We can see now more detail, let's do the same for IntraLasik, PRK and Refractive Surgery but with the Y axis up to 1.500:




From the three graphics I will say that since 2013 the trend is going down for all of them except for multifocal IOLs and phakic IOLs that are starting to be looked for , this could mean that there is less interest in refractive surgery in general or it could be something else. I won't run the time series analysis here but it is interesting to compare some of them with the first post for some terms in PubMed.