From the Eurostat website you can download a lot of different datasets to play with. I got my hands in a dataset about health care expenditure by financing agent to see how health care is financed in some countries, actually all the countries from the dataset, which are all EU 27 (excluding EL, IE, IT, MT, and UK), Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Australia and Korea. The data shows how is health care financing by different sources (with subdivisions) and by different parameters. More information about the dataset can be found here.

I will see first how is the mix from two different main sources, general government and private sector. I will see what percentage of each makes the funding of health care in the different countries and how it changed over the last years.



Only the US and Cyprus fund their health care system with more money from the private sector than from the general government. There are some interesting changes over the last years and you can see the effect of some law changes concerning health care funding in several countries. 

I will plot now the total health care funding, the sum of all financing agents, as a percentage of the GDP over time.



We can see that most countries, but not all, are slightly increasing funding for their health care systems.

Finally I will rank the countries by total funding as a percentage of the GDP. Since there is no data for 2012 for all the countries I will take the data from the last year that has data available.



You can find the code to get the data and reproduce the graphics here.