The website Vision problems in the U.S. from Prevent Blindness America has a very nice map of the U.S. where you can click on a state and will give you the estimated number of cases by vision problem for people over 40, over 50 in the case of age related macular degeneration (AMD), for 2010. By clicking on the top menu on each of the vision problems you get a graphic by age category, sex and race of the estimated prevalence rate for that vision problem, also there are submenus with tables for each visual problem.

In the news and resources tab you can download the data and that is what I did to play a bit with it. Although for many of the graphics I will do, a linechart is a better choice, I will make some barcharts without specifying state or race. So the barcharts are for all the U.S. and all the races.

I will start with a barchart of the estimate prevalence rate for all the population in the U.S. by visual problem:

Very colorful. Now lets get more details with a barchart of the estimated prevalence rate for every visual problem by age category:


You may have notice that diabetic retinopathy is not in that barchart, the reason is that it has another age category ranges. The ranges are larger so there are less categories, here is the graphic:



Now the same for sex with a slightly different look:


 I will make now one for the prevalence rate for every vision problem by sex and age category, with this style we can put all vision problems since every chart has it´s own x scale:



 You can find the R code to get the data, arrange it and make the plots here